WhatsApp Web Gets Facebook Messenger Rooms support: Check Here how to use?

WhatsApp recently allowed its users to make group video calls with up to eight people. Facebook then began teasing the integration of Messenger Room on cross-platform messaging apps.

Now, social media giants are gradually making the feature accessible to the public by adding it on WhatsApp web.

Facebook has already confirmed that it is testing Messenger Room support for both WhatsApp and Instagram. While this feature has not yet come on any platform’s Android or iOS app,

Facebook has started to move forward with the Messenger Room for WhatsApp Web.


WhatsApp Web now enables you to connect with people through the video conferencing feature of Messenger
To create a room using the shortcut of WhatsApp, you must first update your WhatsApp web version.

How to create Whatsapp via Messenger Room?

To create a room using the shortcut of WhatsApp, you must first update your WhatsApp web version to its latest: 2.2031.4.
Once this is done, you will be able to create a messenger room in two ways.

The first way is by clicking on the three dots on the top left corner of the screen and then click on Create a Room. After clicking on it, a new window will pan the screen with the option of going directly to the feature. Click on the “Continue with Messenger” option to create a room.

There is also an option to switch accounts if you want to create a room using a different account.

The other way is for chats. Facebook has also integrated the shortcuts of messenger rooms into individual or group chats. To create a room through a chat, simply click on the attachment clip on the top right corner and select the last option of the room. After that, follow the above steps to start a video conference.
However, you should note that the room is not built on WhatsApp, but serves as a link to connect the app and the messenger room.

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