Instagram will finally let you choose who can tag or mention you

Fedup from useless tagging by people on Instagram, want to ban such tagging? Yes, soon Instagram will allow users to choose who they are allowed to tag in a post. Day by day Instagram is giving new features to its users, recently it takes advantage of pinned comment features.

Announced on Tuesday, a new option in Instagram Settings will allow users to select from three different settings when allowing @. The feature is running alongside two other updates designed to help prevent bullying on the platform.

Inside the privacy section of the Instagram settings, the new feature allows users to adjust tag settings by going to Tags> Tags. Instagram users can choose to allow tags from everyone, only those you follow, or none at all.

Previously, Instagram had the option of physically confirming each tag, a control that remains the same regardless of everything else. With the update, clients can choose to manually label label endorsement, or decide to allow the client to naturally label those they follow, or simply kill labeling as a rule.

Instagram will finally let you choose who can tag or mention you


Even if the client is not clear, the update can help erase spamhots: // stuck comment highlight / label simply to possibly disrupt the spread of cyberbullying, because viewing a post including a tag Can increase the amount of individuals. .

Instagram is currently allowing customers to oversee comments by adding the ability to erase multiple comments without a moment’s delay. The component is found in the “…” menu on the post under the “Overseas Comments” option. The tool will likely be useful for large and open records that routinely manage high amounts of spam and other undesirable comments.

Finally, Instagram users can also quickly send favorite comments to the top, so followers who see in the comments will see that comment first. Unlike the other two features, Instagram states that testing of this feature is starting soon, so users won’t see this option for some time.

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