Facebook Messenger Introduces Zoom-Like Screen Sharing Feature: Check how it works

Facebook Messenger has launched a new screen sharing feature for both Android and iOS users. The same facility is available through Messenger Rooms on the web and desktop. Like Zoom, now Messenger users can instantly stake the screen with their family and friends. The screen sharing feature is separate in-app and messenger rooms because app users can share their screen with up to 8 people in a group call while messenger room users can share with 16 participants.

Facebook was also looking to merge Messenger with WhatsApp to allow communication between the two chat apps. The screen sharing feature is really good for those who want to share their day to day activities with their loved ones in a quick way. Because through the screen sharing feature anyone can share a live view of what they do at the time.

Facebook Messenger Introduces Zoom-Like Screen Sharing Feature

Facebook has additionally designed designs to increase the number of individuals with whom you can share your screen to 50 individuals. The social media giant is also expected to incorporate some controls in addition, including that soon the roommates will have to conclude whether to disrupt the screen’s ability to share themselves or allow all members to similarly To give.

Earlier this month, Facebook was reportedly working to merge WhatsApp and Messenger apps so that chatting giants could communicate with each other. But you will have to wait until Facebook releases this feature. Nevertheless, it is still under the rocks of how Facebook will maintain data encryption and user security when integration occurs.

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